We have a wide array of lighting products and a knowledgeable staff that can help you find the products you need.  Even if we do not stock the item you are looking for, we will find it for you.  With our extensive supply chain we can handle all of your supply needs.  Call us today and we will show you how we can be your trusted lighting adviser.






Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are increasingly being used in general lighting concepts as their prices become more feasible. LEDs are the most energy conscious bulb on the market, beating out even CFLs.   Call us today for more information on availability and pricing!


Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are designed to replace old technology such as incandescents and fit into most existing light sockets. CFLs can use up to one-fifth of the energy and can last up to fifteen times longer in some instances. While they can be a little more expensive than incandescent bulbs, you usually save time… Read more »

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are a very low pressure mercury-vapor gas discharge lamp that uses an electric current to charge the gas inside the bulb. This produces an ultraviolet wave length which causes the phosphor coating to produce a visible light. Most common in commercial lighting, we stock a wide variety of fluorescent bulbs, including: F= Linear… Read more »


High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are bulbs that create light from an electrical arc between tungsten electrodes which is encased in a glass envelope. The gas and metal salts inside work together to increase the intensity of the glow and make more visible light per unit than both incandescents and fluorescent lamps. We stock a… Read more »


Ballasts are what regulate the current in electrical circuits. Without ballasts, the electrical flow to light bulbs would rise to destructive levels. We stock ballasts that run a variety of different bulbs, including: HID Ballasts Fluorescent Ballasts Sign Ballasts Call us today for more information on availability and pricing!


Incandescent light bulbs are the oldest form of lighting technology, but even with their inefficiency, they may never be entirely phased out. Incandescents produce a light when a wire filament is heated through an electrical current. We stock a variety of incandescent bulbs, including: Antique Silver Bowl  A Shape Decorative  Call us today for more… Read more »


Halogen lamps are a type of incandescent light bulbs that contain a small amount of halogen gases, which are a similar group of elements found next to each other of the periodical table. Halogen lamps can be operated at higher temperatures than standard bulbs becuase the chemical reaction redeposits evaporated tungsten back onto the filament… Read more »

Decorative Bulbs

Are you looking for a bulb to go into a chandelier or outdoor light fixture? We carry a variety of decorative bulbs, including: Antique Mini Candelabra Base Frosted Torpedo Bent Tip Flame Tip and more… Call us today for more information on availability and pricing!

Lighting Fixtures

We are a proud supplier of light fixtures, including Sea Gull Lighting, Nora Lighting, RAB Lighting, and Simkar. If for some reason we do not have your fixture in stock, we can get it for you! Choose from a wide variety of fixtures, including: Decorative Residential  Landscaping Commercial and more… Call us today for more information… Read more »

Retrofit Kits

We are a proud supplier of New Earth Lighting retrofit kits, which help existing facilities replace their lighting technology for continued operations. WIth older, less energy-efficient technology being phased out by the government, retrofitting has become the best way to upgrade your facilities lighting. Our retrofit kits allow you to transform old T12 fluorescent fixtures… Read more »

Hydroponic Bulbs

We are a proud supplier of SunMaster hydroponic bulbs. Also known as grow lights, they are used as an artificial light source designed to stimulate plant growth and emulate photosynthesis. Grow bulbs are generally used where there is no natural light, such as in greenhouses or during winter months. These bulbs provide a full light… Read more »

Neon Transformers

Neon transformers are static electrical devices that power neon signs by converting low voltage to higher levels. We stock a range of neon transformers that can fit your need. Call us today for more information on availability and pricing!

Black Lights

Black lights, also known as UV lights, emit ultraviolet (UV) wave lengths. Black light blues (BLB) lamps have a dark purple coating that block visible rays of lights from being emitted. Black lights (BL) do not have a coating, thus giving off more visible light. These types of bulbs are best known for their ability… Read more »

Lighting Controls

We offer a wide range of lighting controls from Leviton, an industry leader in occupancy sensors. These motion activated controls use passive infrared and ultrasonic technology to provide automatic lighting for convenience, security, and energy savings. We offer a variety of lighting controls, including: Ceiling Mounts Power Packs Wall Mounts Wall Switches Outdoor Sensors and… Read more »


If it involves lighting, we’ve got it! We stock a wide variety of lighting accessories, including: Power Packs Backup Batteries Capacitors  Tube Guards End Caps Fluorescent Starters and more… Call us today for more information on availability and pricing!

Colored Bulbs

We carry a variety of colored bulbs in both incandescent and compact fluorescent. These are great for holiday lighting and special events. Call us today for more information on availability and pricing!

Christmas Lights

It’s the most magical time of year! Don’t miss out on all the fun with our line of LED Christmas lights. They last 10 times longer than traditional lights and the whole string continues to stay lit even if a single bulb goes out. We offer a wide variety of various strand lengths, including: Wide… Read more »


We are a proud supplier of Generac generators, the number one manufacturer of home standby generators and leading designer of fully automatic transfer switches and accessories for backup power applications. Generac is the leading brand for a wide range of generators, including: Residential Commercial Industrial Portable Power Power Washers and more… Call us today for… Read more »

Flashlights & Lanterns

We carry a variety of Rayovac brand LED flashlights and lanterns that are perfect for when the electricity unexpectedly goes out! Call us today for more information on availability and pricing!


We stock a variety of Rayovac brand batteries for everyday needs, including the following sizes: AAA AA D C 9V Call us today for more information on availability and pricing!

Ice Melt

We are a proud supplier of Power Thaw, an industrial strength ice melt that works in up to negative 20 degree  temperatures without harming vegetation. It doesn’t leave an sticky residue and is safe to use on concrete and blacktop surfaces. We stock 50 pound bags, ready for pick-up or delivery when the snowy weather… Read more »