Basics of Bulb Bases

We are sure you know there is a lot of information you need when shopping for light bulbs. Watts, lumens, kelvins, CRI, and even hours are all things you will need to know. The most important thing to know when buying a bulb might be the simplest of all, the base. Even if you get everything… Read more »

Full Spectrum Lighting

Full spectrum lighting is a term used to describe light that uses all of the different wavelengths of the color spectrum.  Natural daylight (sunlight) is considered full spectrum lighting although the range is affected by the time of day, cloud cover and tilt of the earth.  Full spectrum is a word used in the lighting… Read more »

Simple Math

Often times we casually throw around words thinking we know exactly what they mean when in fact they have different definitions all together. In lighting, this can be true with three similar terms that have three very different meanings. So sit back, relax and just let me explain just why lamps, lighting fixtures and luminaires are closely… Read more »